When A Woman Reaches Expiry


It’s interesting to see the shelf life of a woman and the high score theory come into play in a single article:

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This woman is apparently in her late 20s and is lamenting over the men she encountered early in her dating experience; men who are likely at the top of her high score list. As far as being good potential candidates for long term relationships, women begin to expire when they reach age 28.

The woman who wrote this article states:

I hold on to my tough, independent, entrepreneurial, strong persona

These are NOT facts about her. These are affirmations from a woman who is lonely and weak, making an attempt to climb out of the quicksand of aging without a significant other. If you go and take a glance at her blog, it’s full of her messy emotional vomit, covered in the typical affirmations that are spouted by someone who’s been brainwashed by the feminist movement.

Allow me state for the record that I don’t hate women. If anything, I pity them. I pity them for the amount of feminist bullshit society feeds them. I pity them for being encouraged to use these feminist affirmations when they need an emotional boost. They are being deluded by our society. I also pity them for not being told the truth: their prime years for attracting a suitable mate are extremely limited. Their personalities alone will not attract a high quality man.

As I’ve said before, a woman’s prime age range to attract her life-long mate is 23-27. After she turns 28, her biological clock starts ticking louder and she begins to realize that the most valuable men are out of reach due to them wanting to date women younger than her. Why do these despicable men do this? Because they’re pigs? Because they’re narrow-minded? No, it’s because they KNOW they’re valuable, and they KNOW they can achieve the highest quality women available. Given that men are primarily attracted to young beautiful feminine women, THAT is what they’re going to pursue if they’re confident in KNOWING they deserve women like this. Not only that, these young women they pursue are generally not overloaded with baggage and still have a decent personality intact.

So what is the author of this article bringing to the table for a man? Cutlery? A napkin? Perhaps table manners? Judging from what she writes, she brings no hint of anything substantial to nourish the needs of a man.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I would fall in love with reckless abandon.

…and rightly so. The reckless abandon consists of confident alpha-males who ultimately and easily attract woman. She bitches to the nice guys about how terribly these men treated her. These nice guys would love nothing more than to use romance to overthrow her past encounters off her high score list. However, you cannot win a woman over by being a “kind therapist” to her.

I was quick to give my heart away, handing it over with complete trust and understanding. There was a level of excitement and hope that is unparalleled to what I feel now when I first start to date someone.

The most valuable men in a woman’s life are the ones who are part of her earliest dating experiences. Those memories and emotions are anchored with the men who top her high score list, and she’ll get excited just thinking about them. Early impressions make a HUGE impact on a woman.

I was young and in love, and the moment was all that mattered. I remember those feelings often these days as I navigate first dates, blind dates and Tinder romances with caution, and I wish dating was as easy for me now as it was back then.

If a woman does NOT keep any of her early encounters as life-long partners, she is doomed to spend the rest of her life looking for the better deal (aka “The One”), but unfortunately that better deal never comes along. The quantity of appealing men in her vicinity drops as her looks begin to deteriorate. It eventually gets to a point where she’ll start taking chances with the less appealing betas that come her way and be somewhat resentful toward these men for not being the emotional-flux-inducing alphas she dated while in her prime.

Instead of rushing into romance, I cautiously let myself fall slowly, which, of course, isn’t falling. When it comes to my heart, you must prove yourself before I hand it over.

Men cannot “prove” themselves when they’re at the bottom of her high score list. It will take years of effort for the man to even come close to the scores of her early encounters, and even then they’ll likely fail to overthrow those highly confident and attractive men from her past.

My baggage has gotten heavier each time I let someone in, only to walk away. I tuck away the specific pain and anger I feel deep in my heart, ready to pull it out and use it as a weapon whenever I think I’m close to getting hurt again.

Women can get emotionally damaged from dealing with multiple men over the years. She will repeatedly choose the alpha-males who are likely to fuck her and throw her away while turning down the betas who orbit her. The fact is she’s not attracted to the unconfident betas who place her on a pedestal and worship her as a beautiful goddess. Women are attracted to the men who lead, NOT the men who want to be ruled.

With each lost love, a new piece of pain or anger is added, and I feel like I’m just wandering around, carrying this huge bag full of crap.

When a woman has been bounced around between many alpha-males over the years, she takes on the form of a badly abused package with it’s contents broken. The betas show up with a bottle of glue in hand, hoping for an opportunity to fix her.

What it all comes down to is that as you get older, the stakes get higher, which can take some of the fun out of falling in love. You’re not just spending time with the person who makes your heart beat faster. Instead, you are looking for The One.

As I’ve said before, the only time women are going to find “the one” is in their earliest dating encounters. As time goes on, the men she dates will fail miserably in comparison to the first few significant men who entered into her life. Some women will actively go and seek out these original encounters, curious if they can recapture those emotions they once had… and a few women do succeed, perhaps briefly, or perhaps for the rest of their lives.

I know what you want to say to me; I know you are going to tell me that every path is different and our experiences shape us into who we are.

No my dear, I’m going to tell you that your experiences before age 23 shape you into who you are. You’re pretty much stuck on the same path for the rest of your life after that.

And here it is…

But, I just can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have avoided the angst that dating has become; to have fallen and stayed in love at 20 and never have to online date, blind date or second guess cryptic text messages.

I’d enjoy hearing about the man who rocked her world when she was 20 years old. What did this man do to earn his spot at the top of her high score list? Guessing from the rest of her article, he was no doubt a confident alpha male who fucked her into oblivion, and then dumped her ass when a better looking prospect came along.

I still hold out hope. I hope that The One will walk into my life and I’ll throw out my bag of crap and just fall in love easily and peacefully.

If you’ve reached or surpassed your expiry date of 28 years, it’s pretty unlikely.

Women cling to things like “hope” and “destiny” because they have a very difficult time taking charge of their own lives. They’d rather get swept up in a magical moment with a man who takes her hand and leads her off into a world full of satisfaction, gratification, and love. It generally doesn’t work that way, but that’s how a woman fantasizes. Women indulge in fantasy to fulfil their emotional needs.

And, until then, I guess I’ll just keep playing on Tinder, going on crappy first dates and laughing about it with my girlfriends over margaritas because one day, these stories will be something to laugh about.

In other words, you will be laughing at the fact that you turned down all the nice betas who put in the time, effort, and money to show you the bottle of glue they were going to use to fix your broken-hearted, cynical, un-wed ass.

Again, I truly pity the women who throw away their early encounters and buy into the feminists’ “strong and independent woman” hype. It’s all around them and forced upon them by our current society, which is dominated by these apparently “strong and independent” women. Those feminist affirmations are only necessary for women who are weak and lonely, such as the expiring writer we’ve been analyzing.

A woman who embraces her true nature, realizing that she actually NEEDS a strong and confident man in her life won’t need to give herself esteem-boosting affirmations. The man she retains in her life will be her affirmation.


No Charges for Man Who Killed Another Man Fighting With Woman


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No charges against ‘Good Samaritan’ who killed man while defending woman.

What? Did I just read this correctly?

Back in May he witnessed a man and woman fighting in a McDonald’s parking lot on Notre Dame. He tried to break up the fight and in the process he hit a 33 year old man and he hit the ground. Marlon Dean Laronde, 33, died a few days later.

Of course I read it correctly. He was defending the woman, not the man. If he had killed the woman, he would have been flogged and thrown in the slammer.

Why do these “knights in shining armour” automatically think that the man is the threat in these situations? Oh yes… Even though women have been fighting for equality of the sexes (and in my opinion have gone a bit too far in the other direction), women still need to be protected because they’re the weaker sex. But what about equality? Shouldn’t this strong, independent woman be able to stand up for herself? The guy who killed her boyfriend sure doesn’t believe in treating women equally, does he?

I’ve seen men who have been treated terribly by their women, and none of these women ever get their face smashed in. Not only that, it’s usually the women who fuel the hostility of the situation. Men in relationships generally want to keep their women happy 100% of the time. Many women however, enjoy attention, and turning an argument into a large disruption in public is a sure-fire way to achieve it. Not only that, she’s going to have the rest of the world backing her up. A man arguing with a woman in a public setting has absolutely no hope in being backed up by anybody in his vicinity. This video is all the proof you need:

The man in the news article shouldn’t have died, regardless of who was at fault in the argument. Instead of the woman being the victim, the now deceased man is the victim. But the guy who killed him is being made out to be a hero.

Pretty fucking depressing.

I give my sincerest condolences to the family of Marlon Laronde.

Alpha Male Lessons from Elvis

This is my favourite scene from the movie “Jailhouse Rock”. Elvis plays a character who just basically does whatever the hell he wants.

The emotional rollercoaster he sends this chick on is absolutely wild. But that’s what women respond to… emotional fluctuation. Not only that, he does whatever the hell he wants and doesn’t worry about the repercussions. He’s fully confident in everything he does. The person who wrote this scene hit everything dead on about how to jumpstart a woman’s attraction.

And that my friends is how to make a woman attracted… Send her on a wild emotional rollercoaster ride, and she’ll be analyzing it over and over again until she realizes she’s in love.

The Importance of Marriage


Here’s some more Facebook fodder for me to comment on.

Many women fantasize about their wedding day. They seem to have the thought that they’re not complete until they get their proposition, the engagement ring, and have their day as a princess. These are all just temporary gratifications that will disappear after the honeymoon is over. Why aren’t women more focused on celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary? That’s a REAL accomplishment. Perhaps THAT is when she should be wearing a fancy dress and throwing a huge celebration. It’s not a significant challenge to meet somebody and decide to get married. It’s a challenge to stay with that person for a quarter of a century. THAT is what SHOULD be celebrated.

But clearly, marriage is the ultimate goal for many women. If it wasn’t, this image wouldn’t have popped up in my news feed. Let’s think about marriage for a minute, and why it’s the ultimate goal.

The Reasons For Wanting Marriage:

– To live happily ever after with someone you love
– To avoid dying alone
– To give your future children a good family life
– To gain a second income, thus avoiding living in poverty

The Wedding:

– For a full blown wedding, you will need at least one day.
– Preparing for that one day takes weeks, months, or even a year or two.
– A bare bones “wedding” takes less than an hour. Basically however long it takes to sign the marriage licence.
– A Marriage in its simplest form is just a legal contract, binding two people together.


– Marriage is SUPPOSED to last until “death do us part” (if they get married at age 30, it should be for the next 40 years or so)
– Marriage is SUPPOSED to consist of two people working together, maintaining the relationship, remaining faithful, being trustworthy.
– Marriage generally consists of having kids, and is SUPPOSED to involve the teamwork of raising them and grooming them for the real world as an adult
– Marriage is SUPPOSED to consist of quality time together and supporting each other long after the children have moved out and become independent.

If you notice, the stuff that happens AFTER the wedding involves much more time and effort than planning the wedding itself. So why doesn’t this picture show an old married couple spending time together? Why does it show the one day where everyone celebrates the couple becoming legally joined? Is the wedding more important than the marriage itself?

Given the high divorce rates, I’d say yes.

Let’s go back to the image and again ask “Why are you in the relationship if marriage isn’t the goal?”

The relationship is the most important part of it. A wedding is just a party. Marriage is just the signing of a legal document. Not only that, the laws in many places will deem a common-law relationship as being equal to a marriage, so why in hell is the marriage licence still significant? Does it actually help bind people together?

What Defines the Marriage?

If you answered love, trust, communication, respect, or all of the above, you are incorrect. DIVORCE is what ultimately defines the marriage.

Divorce laws state how and on what terms the contract of marriage can be broken. Most places (at least in North America) have adopted a no-fault divorce law. In other words, there’s always at least one loser in a divorce because there is no longer any justice for the person who didn’t fuck up the marriage. Those vows that you recite on your wedding day are useless. Before the no-fault divorce, the vows had some meaning. They were promises you made to each other in order to make the marriage work, and you BOTH expected each other to live up to those vows.

With no-fault divorce, the person who fucks up the marriage can also be the person who takes their spouse to the cleaners. Many people (especially men) have been cheated on by their spouse, and then are legally obligated to hand over every last possession along with their spare income to the cheater. But according to the law, nobody is at fault. No-fault divorce was created in order to “protect” women from being mentally and physically abused by men. What we have now are men being financially ruined and stripped of fatherhood, just in case the woman needs to be protected from him.

So where does this leave love, trust, communication and respect with regards to the marriage licence? Valueless. The threat of divorce no longer encourages couples to work together to maintain their relationship. If anything, divorce gives a sense of empowerment to the person filing for it.

So what is the benefit of marriage? Look again at the reasons I listed for wanting marriage. Do any of those reasons require a legal contract? NOPE. You can just as easily do all that stuff without the proposal, the ring, and the huge party.

To answer the question “Why are you in the relationship if marriage isn’t the goal”… Marriage (and divorce) are legal procedures. A fulfilling and rewarding relationship has nothing to do with legal procedures.