The Girl, The Woman, and The Lady

I was trying to decide on a topic to write about this evening, when this piece of trash fell out of the Facebook garbage truck and into my lap:

10 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

This is the most action I’ve had since I waxed my chest!

First, look at that picture. That beta bastard is painting her toenails, hoping to get some action tonight while she’s on the phone, likely flirting with one of her other male orbiters. If these two intended to have sex, SHE would be painting her own toenails to surprise him when he rips off her clothing. I personally love it when women paint their toenails, but I’ll never do it for them. That’s their job.

This article errenously tries to show the difference between a “girl” and a “woman”. The thing that is missing from this article is an explanation of the difference between the two… which is NOTHING.

For clarification on what’s actually feminine and attractive, I’m going to add a “third” category for our female judgement… Let’s call her a “lady”. Her definition will be the stereotypical 1950s housewife, which is the ONLY type of woman I would care to marry.

Let’s go through these 10 definitions and comment on them…

1. Girls like to dress in revealing clothes because they think they look sexy – women know they look sexy no matter what they wear.

In this case, the girl is trying to get the man’s attention and/or to compete with the other sexy women in the room. If Mr. Right should come through the door, she will have to compete with all the other women to get his attention. Women can be VERY competitive when it comes to a high value man.

The woman doesn’t necessarily know she looks sexy. She’s likely too lazy to make herself look appealing.

As for a lady, she would ask the man what he would like to see her wear.

2. Girls expect their men to know how they feel and what they’re thinking – women use their words.

False. Women, girls, AND ladies speak primarly in body language and voice tone as opposed to verbal language. It’s part of their nature. They cannot change their nature.

3. Girls expect you to pay the tab – women are financially independent.

Paying the tab is entirely dependent on the woman’s interest in the man. If she’s just going along for the ride, she’s going to let him pay for the tab. If she’s interested in him as a potential partner, she’ll offer to split it. If she’s HIGHLY sexually stimulated by his presence, she will pay the tab.

A lady will cook a man his favourite dish.

4. Girls go out and get wasted – women can hold their liquor and know their limits.

Girls and women will drink however much they like. Some females are alcoholics, others won’t touch alcohol. Their alcohol intake is likely to be higher if they’re at an extreme end of their emotional scale. In other words, they will drink more if they’re extremely happy or extremely unhappy. They’ll drink less if their mood is more neutral. Again, this all goes out the window if they’re an alcoholic.

A lady will only drink with her man, and that’s if he chooses to drink with her.

5. Girls can’t wait to update their Facebook status to “In a relationship” – women forget they have a Facebook.

A female’s digital intake and expression is dependent on her need for drama. Some females require a lot of drama to keep their lives interesting while others will require very little.

A lady will get her fulfillment of drama when she goes out to socialize with one or two of her female friends.

6. Girls watch junk TV – women read.

What if the woman reads junk books? The content isn’t reliant on the format. A woman can read 50 Shades of Gray while a girl watches nature shows.

Ladies will take in content that will help improve her and her man’s lives. A good example would be any show or book related to cooking.

7. Girls talk about trivial matters – women know how to hold a stimulating conversation.

Females in general talk about useless junk. If their conversation skills haven’t sharpened by the time they reach age 23, they will probably never be good conversationalists. It’s up to the man to steer the conversation into a useful or stimulating direction. If this cannot be done, then the man should be planning interesting activities for him and the woman to participate in.

8. Girls eat salads – women eat whatever the hell they want.

And now the author of this article goes completely backwards. You’d think it would be WOMEN who eat correctly instead of the girls. Women who eat whatever they want become fat and unattractive.

A lady tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle to remain appealing to her man.

9. Girls stick to what they know – women are always searching to widen their horizons.

Yes, there is a fat joke in there somewhere. Females are naturally curious creatures who react to what their emotions are telling them. Their boundaries are usually defined through how their parents raised them, although some women will learn to push these boundaries. The women with the widest boundaries will naturally feel that they can do as they wish and fuck whomever they want without consequence.

A lady will seek her man’s help to maintain her boundaries.

10. Girls need guardians – women don’t need anybody but themselves.

All females WANT guardians. Women who are extremely independent are the ones who have bought into the feminist “I don’t need a man” bullshit, but they all genuinely want to feel protected by their men.

A lady will embrace her need for a guardian. One of the sexiest things I’ve experienced is having a lady wrapped my arms, telling me she feels safe. This is an extremely feminine action which feeds a man’s masculinity. And that’s how it should be.

It’s really sad that junk articles such as this are shared and re-posted by women and white knights. It falsely empowers women who are reaching or have reached expiry, and gives them justification for doing whatever the hell they want. Hammering this propaganda into a man’s head does NOT make him more attracted to a deteriorating woman, nor does it make a deteriorating woman more attractive to men. Women who NEED this article should have secured a man instead of wasting their time with drugs, alcohol, and clubs in their “girl” phase. Now they are sadly required to settle for Mr. Good Enough.


Thoughts on Attraction

I’ve been on a break from dating for the past three months or so. This has been an entirely self-imposed break for three reasons. First, I’ve spent the last year being involved with two women who turned out to be unsuitable for relationships. Hey, sometimes it takes six months for the red flags to come out, but when they do, it’s time to move on.

Second, I will force myself to take a break from dating when I find myself getting angry with the quality of women in general. I don’t want to become a woman-hater. Sometimes I just need to re-focus on why today’s women are the way they are, and it also gives me a chance to let my frustrations exit my system.

Third, there really hasn’t been any viable options coming my way. The holidays are an interesting time for relationships and such. Usually, just before the holidays, the women who are involved with somebody choose to remain involved until shortly before Christmas, or shortly after. Most of the general population has bought into the idea that being alone for the holidays is a dreadful situation that should be avoided at all costs, even if it means temporarily settling for someone you don’t like. From looking at all the women recently joining “Plenty of Fish”, relationships have started terminating. New prospects will be showing up in my life soon.

But I digress. I never seem to have a complete absence of women in my life. The ones I’m not very attracted to linger and sometimes persist. I’m not one to kick a woman out of my life solely because she’s physically unappealing. I keep them around because women are attracted to what other women like. Women will criticize other women when they’re jealous. So I let them and even encourage them to be jealous.

There’s a 21 year old who’s been hovering over me for the past 9 months. It’s become obvious that I’m at the top of her high score list. I considered her to be just a friend…. until she came over on Christmas day with alcohol, got me drunk, and tried to fuck me. Yes, men get taken advantage of, but it’s the exception to the rule. Most average men would kill to have some chick do that to them. The men who are the most desirable are the ones who are most likely to become rape victims.

The average man tries to buy women’s attention with free drinks, flowers, and whatever romantic stuff they can think of. Do you know what I did to this 21 year old? Nothing. I hung out with her, never made a move, never bought her anything, and she attempts to rape me.

Due to the fact that none of my real-life acquaintances read this blog, I’m free to post some mildly personal things. Here’s a text exchange between me and the 21 year old:



She “can’t do this anymore”, so I kindly tell her I’m not interested; much similar to the way a woman would break the news to a guy. You think she would understand the universal language of women and say “Okay, well maybe I should leave him alone and pursue other guys.” Instead, she asks if I wanna go record shopping with her.

Her “I can’t do this anymore” has been thrown into the trash can and is sitting nicely with her used tampons.

Desdinova’s Law #1: Never burn bridges with a woman who has placed you in one of the top positions on her high score list. She may one day become a useful asset, and you want to retain the ability to pull her back into your life.

Desdinova’s Law #2: Always be prepared to walk away from a woman. This puts you in the position of power and control when it comes to all aspects of the relationship, and it keeps you in charge of your own destiny. (Side note: having a female companion should NEVER be your destiny)

This next screenshot was sent to me by a woman I recently met. I have no desire to date her because she’s 39 and is in the process of expiry, but I added her to my Facebook nonetheless. (Perhaps I’ll eventually write about how fantastic Facebook is for getting your women’s emotions fluctuating.)

The 39 year old is mutual friends with Rachel, a woman I dated and banged four years ago. I ended things with her after two months. However, you should never underestimate the magic of giving a woman an orgasm. Here’s the screenshot:


Now just think about what’s happened here. These two women are talking about how fantastic I am. Then, the one who hasn’t had sex with me thinks it’s a brilliant idea to send this screenshot to me.


Because she’s curious and wants to know if I’m attracted to her. She claimed that she was sending me the screenshot to “cover her ass”. Yeah right. She sent it to me because she wanted to indirectly ask me if I’m interested in her.

So how should I answer her indirect question????

Easy. I don’t.

Giving women the answers they want and when they want takes away the curiosity, the fantasizing, and the emotional fluctuation. If I intended on responding to this indirect question, I would do so by inviting her to join me in a fun activity. I would also give her the impression that I’d be doing the activity regardless of her presence, but invite her along for the company. During the activity, I would initiate some non-sexual touching (kino) such as a pat on the shoulder or some other passive gesture that could be misinterpreted. This will lead to more and more questions bouncing around in her brain.

To raise a woman’s interest, you need to constantly be getting her to ask herself more questions. “Does he like me? Did he invite me because he likes me? Was that touch a sign of interest?” You need to get her mind racing. If she wants to try communicating sub-consciously, she will either respond to your subtle actions with her own, or she will initiate subtle actions to test your interest.

My philosophy when it comes to women is to get as many attracted to you as possible, regardless of age or physical appearance.

Desdinova’s Law #3: Attraction is contagious.

The most work occurs when you try to attract the first woman. After you’ve managed that, you may show other women that you already have one who is attracted to you. The other women will wonder what kind of value you have and become interested. The more women you attract, the more curious other women become. Curiosity in a woman’s mind gives birth to fantasy. This evolution causes the side effect of emotional fluctuation which stimulates the woman. The source of this curiosity, fantasy, emotional fluctuation and stimulation becomes attractive to the woman. This domino attraction effect gives the man the benefit of being able to choose the woman he wants. Even after he has chosen one, the other women remain interested and may even wait on the sidelines for the relationship to go sour so they can have their turn.

Many people claim that it’s the woman who chooses the male. I believe it can go both ways because I’ve experienced it personally. Creating the ability to have choice is the most effective and efficient way to sort the rocks from the jewels.

Curves and Tattoos

I really dislike the pro-fat propaganda that gets touted on a regular basis. It usually comes in the form of a statement such as “I’m proud of my curves”. First of all, the word “curves” has been distorted by women and used to replace the word “fat”. One of the curviest women I dated was 120 lbs. She had a fantastically sexy back that curved inward, and then back out at her ass. THAT is what curves are supposed to be. Curves are NOT over-exaggerated wrinkles and folds.

Fat women are subjected to a number of health problems. They have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and those folds of skin can gather bacteria, get infected and become rancid. Many times, the poor ol’ thyroid takes the blame for making women fat. My own personal observation with EVERY fat woman I’ve known is poor diet and lack of exercise. If you eat pasta and sit at an office desk all day, you’re gonna get fat.

Anyway, let’s analyze this image that showed up in my Facebook feed…


For now, let’s focus on just the appearance of the woman. We’ll get to the accompanying message in a moment.

– She is covered in stupid looking tattoos
– She has the “I’m a bitch” face on
– She’s squishing her fat into her body with a corset
– Her makeup makes her a viable replacement for any member of the band KISS

For comparison, I searched the internet for a picture of a woman who I wouldn’t necessarily say is “hot”, but not homely. This was a much more difficult task than I anticipated, but I came up with this:


This woman looks like she’s hovering around the age of expiry, and her clothing is quite drab. But I would consider her WAY more attractive than the “bitch face” I posted above. Here’s my observations about her:

– She has no tattoos
– She is not overweight
– She has little-to-no makeup on
– She is smiling

This is all extremely simple stuff here, and she’s much more attractive for it. Everybody is more attractive when they take care of their appearance. Also, everybody is more attractive when they smile.

Now, let’s go back to “bitch face” and her message of me being small minded for thinking she’s fat. Shoving your belief that you’re attractive down my throat will NOT make me find you attractive. Insulting me for finding you unattractive is not going to change my mind. Deep down, you know you are NOT attractive, or you wouldn’t have to justify that you are. Keep telling yourself that you’re an attractive, high quality woman. You will continue to get used for sex and tossed away while quality men pass you by and look for a REAL quality woman.

While we’re at it, let’s touch on another issue that bothers the hell out of me…


I’m not an advocate of women getting tattoos. I generally like my women to be feminine and pretty, and the female body is like a masterful piece of physical artwork. Tattoos are not feminine nor pretty, and putting them on the artful feminine body is like spray painting graffiti on an otherwise aesthetically pleasing landscape.


“This is how I express myself. If you don’t like how I express myself, then go fuck yourself!”

I’ve seen some extremely ugly tattoos on otherwise pretty women. When they’ve got shit sprawled across their chest, it turns me right off. If I wanted to fuck “artwork”, I’d buy a cheap thrift store picture and jack off to that.

The worst tatoo I’ve seen is this:


I can’t fuck you from behind when I’m looking into a cat’s eyes. If I wanted to fuck a cat, I would fuck a cat.

Whenever I date a woman who has absolutely no tattoos on her body, I compliment her on it and let her know how much I appreciate it. Hopefully it’s at least somewhat effective in eliminating any thoughts she possibly had about getting a tattoo.

So here’s my plea to the women out there… I don’t wanna see you “express” yourself by putting crap on your body. If you need to display your artwork and have me appreciate it, put it in a frame, hang it on the wall, and invite me over to look at it. If you want to send a message in japanese, find someone who understands it. If you want me to love your body for it’s natural perfections (and yes, the imperfections as well), then don’t vandalize it with garbage.

So why do women get tattoos?

They get them because of the emotional influx they create. Shopping for a tattoo is a similar experience to buying a new pair of shoes. It’s mostly fashion shopping. However, the tattoo gives one thing that shoes generally don’t… Pleasurable pain. The pain they experience while getting a tattoo is on par with scratching or biting during sex. At least bite marks, scratches, and hickeys heal and disappear after a few days. Tattoos leave permanent unsightly garbage on the body.