The Manly Way to Break Up With a Woman


I’ve seen both women and “red pill” men talk about the most respectable, masculine way to break up with a woman. Here is the general check list of how a man is SUPPOSED to end a relationship:

– Call / Message her to set up a date to meet with her
– Wait until the specific date occurs (usually up to a week)
– Tell her face to face that you’re no longer interested
– Let her get upset and cry in front of you

Here’s my question… How is putting in the time and effort to waste upwards of a week manly?

It isn’t.

So where did this idea of the “manly” way to break up come from?

Simple, it came from the women who were on the receiving end of the breakup. When a woman gets dumped, she’ll get together with her girlfriends and have a bitch-fest about the guy in question. They’ll point out every single little flaw and degrade his masculinity for the purpose of comforting the broken-hearted woman. Her friends degrade him and give confirmation that she is much better off without him. This includes the method he used to break up with her.

So what would be the masculine way of breaking up with a woman? A man can be defined by his success, so anything that’s quick, efficient, and effective would qualify as masculine. Here’s an example of how to accomplish all of this when breaking up with a woman:

Him texting her: I’m finding that we aren’t compatible, and think that we should go our separate ways. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Goodbye.

Her texting him: (irrelevant because they are no longer together)

Him: (Ignores text)

How long did that take? I’d say two minutes maximum, minus waiting for the text message from her which should be ignored. Why should he ignore her? Because there is no reason to hammer away at reasons, failings, problems and anything else once the relationship is dead. Nothing is going to get fixed or repaired, nor will any of this result in the couple returning to their mission of living happily ever after.

Need another good reason to execute a quick and effective breakup? It shouldn’t matter what she thinks of you after you end it. She is no longer relevant in your life, so her opinion of your chosen method of break up is irrelevant. If your method is quick and effective, then that’s all you need in order to move on to your next prospect.

Here’s a third reason which I’ve experienced personally… None of your shit gets wrecked. I made the mistake of breaking up with a woman face-to-face in my house, and she proceeded to destroy my living room. After an experience like that, I decided that the “manly” way to break up with a woman is perhaps the WORST method in getting the job done. There’s no reason to have my personal possessions destroyed simply because I’m being honest and setting her free to find someone who may cherish her just the way she is (no matter how crazy and emotionally unstable she may be).

Breaking up with her in a public location isn’t going to make it any better. Some women enjoy creating a scene in public in order to get attention from the bystanders. While she’s creating a scene, you may get approached by white nights who see it as their mission to slay any man who hurts a woman’s feelings. You are also not immune to her smashing the shit out of your car in the parking lot. Most women will NOT travel any significant distance to destroy your property, so breaking up with her using alternate means of communication makes sense.

Protect yourself, protect your assets, use your time wisely, and always have the goal to progress in your journeys through life. THAT is how a man should conduct his life. THAT is the manly way to do anything.


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