Anti-Bullying Campaigns


Recently, many schools in my area (presumably all of them) celebrated “pink shirt day”. For those of you who don’t know what pink shirt day is, I’m going to quote directly from the newsletter my kid brough home…

Pink shirt day was started in Nova Scotia when high school students organized a protest to wear pink to show support for a male student who was bullied at their school for wearing a pink shirt. On February 25th, [school] staff and students were encouraged to wear pink to symbolize that as a school we will not tolerate bullying. An assembly was held to raise awareness around dealing with bullying at school, on the internet and in the community. Students and staff made personal pledges about ways to stop bullying and support inclusion. Classrooms also decorated their classroom doors to show their support for the cause.

If you want to visit the official pink shirt website, go here:

Back when I was in grade seven, I was very heavily bullied. Classrooms were fucking zoos full of misbehaving children. Most of the teachers had no clue how to handle the chaos, and many of them had surrendered control of the classroom and decided to teach amongst the havoc, likely in hopes that the few students who were there to learn would actually get something out of it. Me being one such student didn’t get much out of it, although the teachers had given me good grades either based on my good behaviour, or perhaps because they felt bad for me.

This was the daily routine… I’d get to school and approach my locker to get my books. Two to three other students would come up behind me, kick me in the legs, kick me in the ass, or slam my head into the locker. During the first class while the teacher’s back was turned, students would wipe their dirty shoes on my clothing. When the teacher would leave class for a few minutes, I’d get bashed in the back of the head with textbooks. Classmates would take turns, walking by me smacking me in the back of the head while uttering the phrase “sitting there all dumb”. Between classes, I would again be greeted with more kicking and bashing at my locker while changing books for my next class.

There were maybe one or two classes during my day where the teacher would actually retain control. Those classes were my breaks from the daily torment and I would dread the moment when the class was over because I’d return back to the chaotic environments where the teacher would do nothing. We had classes that were called “Talented & Gifted” which were some sort of “bonus” classes where we were supposed to do an interesting or fun activity. Instead, the teacher would let the class do whatever the hell it wanted while he just sat there doing nothing. Again I’d be greeted by the parade of students walking by beating me in the head with textbooks, their fists, or stealing my belongings. I repeatedly ended up with gum in my hair, and at one point had classmates holding me down while trying to blind me with the filmstrip projector.

Gym class was bad too. I became the target of getting slammed in the head with basketballs, soccer balls, as well as getting whacked in the legs with hockey sticks.

After enduring all of this day after day, I had developed full-blown PTSD. Not only was I getting beat up at school on a daily basis, I was getting beat up at home by an abusive parent.

The only real break I had from all this abuse was when Christmas break came around. It was an entire two weeks off from being kicked, punched, and whatever else, but of course this was only temporary relief.

My PTSD became so bad that I would start shaking uncontrollably while standing at my locker. It eventually evolved to the point where the shaking would begin while even THINKING about going to school. To this day, I still suffer from PTSD when there’s a round object flying through the air or someone makes a quick, jerky movement with their arms or hands.

So why didn’t I tell someone or do something about it? Two reasons. First, if I got my classmates in trouble, I would get the shit kicked out of me even worse at my locker. Second, I was raised in a very strict religious upbringing where I was taught to do as Jesus did and turn the other cheek. I was also taught to pray to God when I was facing times of trouble. I turned every cheek I had, prayed constantly throughout each day, and I ended up with PTSD.

The intense bullying that I experienced would certainly make me an ideal spokesman for pink shirt day. It should make me thankful that efforts are being made for today’s youth, to never have to go through the torture that I endured. I should support pink shirt day and buy one for my son, letting everyone know that the both of us support this fantastic anti-bullying campaign.

But I don’t support it. In fact, I’m AGAINST it. You’d think I’d be the LAST person against it.

I don’t exactly fault the main ringleaders who were leading the rest of my class to bully me. I can’t bring myself to forgive them, but I’m not going to fault them for what they did to me. The animal kingdom (including humans) are full of examples of alpha leaders who embody the natural order of having the strong survive. The weak ones will end up being picked apart and have their genes eliminated from existence if they don’t make the effort to strengthen themselves and improve their situation. Given the situation I was in, I should have been weeded out of existence.

The main fault that I had was my parents. Being brought up in a highly-controlled religious environment gave me absolutely no skills on how to handle the real world. The religion I was raised in actually made the effort to block out as much of the real world as possible, short of having their own schools. In the opinion of this religious organization, public schools existed for the sole purpose of finding new recruits. They train their members from a very young age to recruit new members.

My mother had not trained me to deal with the real world. She also didn’t have the natural, caring, nuturing persona that a young child needs. Instead she used violence when her children did not please her. My father was a bit better, but he spent most of his time being drunk. He attempted to encourage me to defend myself, but when his back was turned, my mother would quickly demonize my father’s words and beat the shit out of me if I seemed deserving.

So I’ve boiled down the lack of confidence and inability to assert myself while I was a child to bad parenting. Parents need to instill their children with the confidence and the tools necessary to compete in the real world. When you get into the workforce, there is no pink shirt day. If you cannot assert yourself when you’re younger, you’ll sure as hell be getting walked on as an adult.

It’s taken years for me to overcome the many problems I had while I was young. My PTSD rarely comes to the surface, and I’ve worked on myself to become extremely confident with everything I engage in. I have a healthy opinion of myself, I can stand up for myself, and I’m now enjoying the benefits of the extensive self-improvement I’ve done. People have a high level of respect for me these days, and enjoy having me in their company.

Pink shirt day puts band-aids on a child’s deeper problems; low self-esteem, bad self-image, lack of assertiveness, and a lack of independence. Pink shirt day also crosses over into another department of society today; Getting men to wear the color pink. I will be touching on this subject in the near future.

So despite being bullied to the point of psychological disorder, I’m against campaigns to eliminate bullying. It may be fucked up from the viewpoint of others, but when you look at bullying from nature’s point of view, it makes sense to keep it in our society. Strong mammals move ahead and pass down their genes while the weak go off and die. It’s what keeps our species alive, existing, and resistant to extinction. Unfortunately, we’ve been hard at work destroying the human race by encouraging world peace, gender equality, and homosexual reproduction. Although I likely won’t live long enough to see the results from the tainting of our species, I genuinely hope that those in the medical field and the rest of society eventually see how we’re destroying our chances of survival on this planet.


Yes, I’m Still Alive…

I haven’t forgotten about this place. I have lots of half-written posts in the works, lots of stuff to comment on, and so forth. I’ve just been incredibly busy. Right now, I’d just like to take some time to commend a few people…

First, congratulations to a certain 21 year old who is celebrating her one year anniversary of pursuing me. Don’t give up that dream!

Second, congratulations to my ex-fiancée whom I hung out with last Thursday. I teased the hell out of you and took you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, but you managed to fight back the tears (just barely!) It just goes to show that bringing a woman to tears doesn’t mean that she’s never going to speak to you. She sent me a nice, playful message this morning.

Third, I’d like to commend the married Christian mother of four on asking for my number. Yes, I’m a much better option than your husband, and I’m sure you can ask Jesus to forgive you for following your natural desire to mate with me. After all, God designed you to be attracted to men such as myself. He’ll understand. Too bad I find your sister (who is also attracted to me) to be unappealing. However, you’ve done a great job at keeping yourself physically attractive!

Fourth, to the 17 year old who’s absolutely crazy about me… Please shower more. Your vagina is rotting from the inside-out.

Fifth, to the girl who begged to be my designated driver on my birthday… You’ve been asking people where I’ve been. Don’t worry, you shall see me tonight!

Yeah, I’ve been busy. I haven’t really picked a woman to date yet because… well…. the above haven’t met the high standards I set for myself when selecting a woman. However, the social proof these women bring is extremely valuable. I’ll be ready to pounce when someone I desire sneaks into my current vicinity.

Until I’m done writing my next post, here’s a song representing what all women should aspire to be. Why? Because it’s feminine and sexy. I truly appreciate feminine and sexy.

How To Win Over The Ladies


It never ceases to amaze me how stupid the general male population is when it comes to women. Even in my younger and more naive days, I was never such an imbecile. Let me give you an example…

On my last birthday, I went out for some drinks with friends. I had a couple of people lined up to drive me home, but one of the women who worked there insisted on being my designated driver. So of course I granted her request and sent all my friends home. Near the end of the night before we left, there was a guy orbiting her. Apparently, he was insisting that she loved him and they were going to spend the night together. As she drove me home, this guy followed her all the way to my house. I was absolutely blown away that any guy would have the audacity to follow a woman like this. My designated driver told me that this was a somewhat regular occurrence in her life. After she dropped me off, the orbiter then followed her all the way across the city back to her house. He apparently came back the next day and sat outside her house in his car. She eventually called the police on him.

There’s enough media exposure about the creepy behaviours of men to inform them that this is not attractive behaviour, but many men still do it. The same goes with sending dick pics through online dating sites.

So why was this bar worker so interested in spending time with me as opposed to the stalker guy? Well, let’s boil it all down. These are all things that make women attracted to a man:

Women absolutely love confident men. If you tell her your sob stories about how mean your ex-girlfriend was to you, you’re not going to win her over. Pity does NOT equal attraction.

To show confidence, you need to approach her without intimidation, but with the simple goal of communicating something interesting. Confident people can strike up conversations with strangers, women included. Confident men also have no problem taking the lead. Ever go out to eat with a woman? They’re terrible decision makers. They tend to go with whatever their emotions are telling them, but their emotions don’t fluctuate quickly enough to make efficient decisions on what to eat from a restaurant menu. If she’s having trouble, kindly get some options from her and pick something for her. YES, CHOOSE WHAT SHE’S EATING. You’re doing the both of you a favour by not wasting time and relieving her of decision making. This is just one example of taking the lead.

Here’s another one… When setting up dates, don’t ask her what she wants to do. You’ll end up going back and forth forever trying to figure out an activity. Think of something to do and take her. If she comes up with an idea for something to do, she’ll let you know. Take her suggestion when she has one.

Positive Attitude: This goes hand-in-hand with confidence. If you view most things in a positive light, you’re going to be enjoyable to be around, and people will gravitate toward you. Ever be around someone who’s always whining or complaining about something? It’s not enjoyable, and it won’t put YOU in a good mood. Personalities are infectious. If you want the other person to be positive toward you, then you must be positive yourself. This doesn’t just go for your interactions with women, it goes for your interactions with EVERYBODY.

Enthusiasm: ALWAYS be just a bit more enthusiastic than her about things. Make her feel like you’re confident and passionate about things.

Kinesthetics: Don’t be afraid to touch her! No, I don’t mean grab her breasts you fucking pig. Acceptable touch is patting her on the shoulder, picking things out of her hair, batting her dangly earrings, putting your hand in the middle of her back to lead her through a doorway, and pretty much anything that isn’t sexual. Do things that you wouldn’t really have a problem doing to a male friend. Escalation to a sexual level (hand holding, kissing) comes after she’s attracted to you.

Humour/Flirting: You need to be playful in order to gain her interest. Treat her like your bratty sister. Throw small paper balls at her. Pinch her cheek and tell her how cute she is in baby talk. Also, don’t forget to pick on yourself a bit. Making jokes about yourself is not only humorous, it’s also extremely confident.

All of this stuff takes practice if you’re not used to it. You NEED to put yourself outside your comfort zone in order to get good at it.

Now, let’s focus on the things you SHOULDN’T do…

First of all, I need to emphasize that men and women are attracted to very different things. Men are primarily attracted to the physical aspects of a woman. Women are primarily attracted to things that cause them emotional fluctuation. Sometimes a man’s looks can trigger it, but more often than not, it will be the man’s personality that will cause her emotions to fluctuate. Thankfully you can train your personality to become more attractive. Women who are born with the “ugly” gene have to work hard to attract men.

So all the things you find attractive about women (their nude sexy parts and outright honesty about engaging in sexual behaviour) are NOT going to have the same effect when you use it on them. Showing them your peener and asking them to fuck is going to get you slapped with a sexual harassment charge.

Here’s some more stuff:

Buying Her Too Much Shit: Flowers, meals, alcohol, candy, jewellery, lingerie, paying their bills, buying things they see in a store, etc, etc, etc. They don’t need all that shit. Buying them all this crap does NOT create attraction. It causes spoilage. What happens when you give a child everything they want? The child starts EXPECTING to get everything they ask for. When that happens, there’s no more excitement when you give them something. Instead, you become a genie who is only called upon when something is needed. The same goes for women. She should be calling upon you because you bring her genuine pleasure with your PERSONALITY.

Worshipping Her: She is not a goddess. She does not hold the key to your heart. She is not the reason for you to live. You should be building your foundation of happiness upon your own interests, goals, and desires. If you build your foundation of happiness upon a woman, your entire life is going to come crashing down if she removes herself from your life. You DO NOT want that. Quit putting her on a pedestal. She’s not a beautiful, precious, breakable gem. She’s only a female human. Treat her as such.

Pestering Her: Bombarding her with text messages and voice mails will piss her off. Repeatedly asking her out is going to annoy her. If she said NO, she means it. If she changes her mind, she’ll let you know. Desperation is NOT an attractive quality to possess.

Also, when you ask her what’s wrong and she says “nothing”, you know damn well there’s something wrong. Pestering her to tell you what’s wrong is just going to piss her off. Leaving her alone until she’s ready to tell you will have better results. Of course you’re wondering what the hell is going on in that brain of hers, but annoying her when she’s in a negative state of emotion is just going to keep her there. Women don’t stay in their high levels of emotion for long. Just wait it out until she levels out.

Boring Sex: She isn’t enjoying sex when you primarily focus on getting yourself off. She is not going to simply enjoy the fact that your dick is inside her. For men, sex is the act of repeated penetration until ejaculation. For women, sex is the build up, the anticipation, the flirting, the kissing, the removal of clothing, the atmosphere, the foreplay, the penetration, the orgasm, and the cuddling afterwards. In other words, the man enjoys the highlight while a woman enjoys the entire movie. If you want her to be sexually satisfied (resulting in more sex for you), you need to give her the full adventure and story. Another thing you need to remember is women don’t want the same story every time. They want things to be different sometimes. They want different positions, different locations, different methods of approaching orgasm, fast, slow, hard, soft, and sometimes all of the above. But sometimes they like to hear the same story twice because you almost NEVER do that.

Too Much Romance: A relationship is much like a meal. You have to have substance in order for it to be enjoyable. Romantic gestures are only a spice to make your relationship more pleasing. Women don’t like their relationship to be a plate full of salt and pepper. Keep the romance spontaneous, but infrequent.

These are the basic guidelines to attract a woman and KEEP them attracted. There are lot of little things you can do to make everything more effective, but these are the major factors that will make her decide if she’s into you or not.

So here’s the end tale of the designated driver and the orbiter…. The orbiter who stalked my female friend displayed a huge amount of desperation. Unlike him, I naturally and subconsciously abide by everything I’ve listed above and she naturally gravitates toward me. When you can do all this stuff without even trying, getting dates becomes extremely easy. You end up having women fall into your lap without even trying.

With regards to this particular woman, I’ve placed her on the backburner because she currently has a boyfriend. In order to seduce her, I need to demonstrate a higher value than her boyfriend (which I’ve been consistently working at). She’s already shared some of her issues with him, one being the fact that he’s too terrified of offending her in the bedroom. Again, women want adventure in the bedroom as well as emotional fluctuation. You cannot be afraid of offending her when trying to please her sexually. If you happen to spank her ass too hard, she’ll get over it. If anything, she probably secretly enjoyed it because she didn’t expect it.

Men, if you decide to achieve the women of your dreams, you need to fix yourself up. You need to become more interesting and less desperate. Work at it. Become better. Become more attractive. Women want real men, not feminized knock-offs masquerading as men. Embrace your masculinity, enhance your best qualities, and surround them with other attractive personality traits. You WILL get results.