Interested or Not

I’ve been away, mainly because I have better things to do in life than write blog entries (things like keeping SoSuave free from rubbish). After 7 months of intentionally remaining single, I’ve begun taking women out on dates again. After taking such an extended break whether it be intentional or due to a relationship, a man realizes something when he gets back out into the field…. He’s rusty at interacting with new women.

When I’m in my best form, I can easily ace the first date and stretch things out for a minimum of a month and a half. At this particular moment, I’m not in my best form. I’ve flunked out with my last few interactions with women, so I’ve been excessively analyzing what I’ve been doing and where my problem(s) may be. However, quitting is NOT an option. The more I interact with and date women, the easier and more successful I become. It’s a lot like playing an instrument. If you put it down after an extended period of time and then try to play like a pro again, it’s not going to happen. You can only get back to your previous level if you’re persistent in practicing.

However, the last 7 months haven’t exactly been pussy-free. I ended up fucking the persistent 21 year old again. She was pushing for another interaction, so I took advantage of it. Then a couple of nights ago, she decided to come over and “talk”.

Her: I don’t want to just be your booty call
Me: Okay, we won’t do that stuff anymore
Her: (sits silently for five minutes while I enjoy my glass of water)

She then proceeded to grab her stuff and leave. It seems that she sincerely believed that she had power and appeal with her vagina, and would be able to rope me into a relationship to save my penis from becoming excessively dry. It didn’t work. Long ago, I learned that I should NEVER allow women to take advantage of me with their sex appeal. The 21 year old’s Facebook is currently filled with memes such as this:


Note that she hasn’t unfriended me nor blocked me.

It’s very possible that the 21 year old will come back for another round, since this isn’t the first time I’ve turned down a relationship with her. I’m also at the top of her high score list, so I have the ability to take her back at some point in the future if I wish to do so.

But that’s not what I came here to write about. But before I get to the main subject of this entry, allow me to become a bit sidetracked with another subject.

On Sosuave, the member Tenacity has recently been proclaiming that the only uses of women today are companionship and sex (link here). The more I interact with women, the more I study their behaviour, the more I see how they neglect and degrade themselves, the more I believe Tenacity is correct. It’s not a reason to hate women. They’re just products of the society we are currently living in. The function of today’s society has caused women to become valueless to men. Back in the good old days, women served many functions: To keep the house in order, to raise the children, and to prepare meals for the family. (The man’s job was to provide money for food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities for the woman to perform her functions) Men and women today are conditioned to provide all of these for themselves. One does not require the other to survive. Today, the only purpose of men is to be sperm donors, and the women to be incubators. Other than that, there is no value in either sex.

So that’s my “don’t hate women” prefix.

For the purpose of companionship and sex, looks aren’t excessively relevant. Why should I be picky when the value of women is low regardless of their appearance? Why not fuck as many as possible and treat them equally as valueless women?

Last week, I went on a date with a woman named Melanie who wasn’t excessively hot, but not homely enough to make my dick turn into a mushroom. I flunked out on this date, but her interest wasn’t exactly clear. Another thing I’ve learned is that there can be a thin line between a woman who isn’t glued to her cell phone, and a woman who’s not interested. I needed to get this simple line made clear before I came to a conclusion about her. So I asked her out on another date…


The time lapse is atrocious. 29 hours since I’d last heard from her. This is NOT the behaviour of a woman who’s looking forward to her next date. Since the content of her text message is irrelevant, I haven’t responded and I don’t plan on doing so. One should ALWAYS pay attention to the woman’s actions as opposed to her words.

However, this is not the only option on my plate…

I met this next girl on an outing with a group of friends a couple of months back. I did some basic flirting with her, and she asked to add me to her Facebook. She’s MUCH more attractive than Melanie.

One thing I’ve realized is that over the years, my success with more attractive women has increased while my success with less attractive women has decreased. This may have come into play with regards to Melanie. I’m not quite sure of the reason for this since women are generally attracted to the same things in men. Perhaps it has to do with her own self-perception and the feeling she’s not “good enough” for such a high quality man. I don’t know.

Just as a side note, this next woman is a single mother. Single moms can be a huge pain in the ass to deal with. The ones who have their kids full time are usually better quality, but getting alone time with them is difficult. The ones who have their kids part time are full-blown party sluts when their child is away. This particular one has her daughter full time.

I decided to attempt pursuing her and sent her a message. She was going to the circus with her daughter, so I teased her about not inviting me. I told her that she owes me, and that I’d choose an activity that she could invite me to. This may sound backwards, but the rule-of-thumb here is NEVER leave a woman to initiate or plan an event. It won’t happen 95% of the time.


As you can see from the messages and the “reminder” she sent, she’s excited. We shall see how this one pans out.

Right now, I’m at a particular point where I just want to start dating again. The exact quality of the woman isn’t really important at this point. What’s important is that I clean off the rust that’s collected over the past few months and get myself back to my full shine. It will happen. It always does.


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