Nobody Likes It When You Change Your World


Most humans avoid change. We are creatures of habit, and we don’t like it when we’re thrown outside of our comfort zone. We enjoy doing things the same way, the same times, the same places, interacting with the same people. We don’t like changing the way we do things, the time we do them, nor do we like talking to strangers. On the whole, humans can be pretty fucking boring.

However, when we don’t change, we don’t grow as individuals. We’re stuck with our old shitty habits, our shitty attitudes, and the morals that our parents, peers and society have brainwashed us with. We end up becoming products of these influences. For decades, men have been drinking beer and watch sporting events on Sunday. Women have forever been thinking that men have “ulterior motives” when they buy them flowers. We’ve learned all of this from influence.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is step outside the box and think about the things in our lives that influence us. What are our parents really like? Are they nice people? Do their friends and acquaintances like them, or do they simply put up with them? When you step outside the box and REALLY look at what kind of people they are, you may discover some interesting things. They might be genuinely loving and caring people. You may discover that they’re the biggest assholes on the planet. If they weren’t your parents, would you genuinely want to spend time with them? Would they be good friends to you?

If we regularly watch television, read the news or listen to the radio, we’re going to be majorly influenced by the media and society’s opinion. We learn that men are all perverted rapists. Women are still not treated equally. Gay procreation is good for humankind. We get these messages shoved down our throats on a regular basis, and we buy into it all because it’s all groupthink, and groupthink is good. We should think like everybody else because everybody says it’s bad to be an outcast.

Who is everybody, and why is their opinion important?

When you stop doing what everybody else expects of you, you’re going to run into problems. Society won’t want your opinion, you’ll have difficulty making friends, you’ll lose the friends you currently have, and your relatives (especially your parents) will frown upon you. You’re not doing what is expected! You’re causing change in their lives, and as I’ve stated earlier, NOBODY likes change. It’s uncomfortable and it causes conflict. It doesn’t matter what YOU want, what matters is what is expected of you. If you behave a certain way at your job and suddenly decide that you’re not going to let your co-workers walk all over you, they’re going to be on a mission to put a dead stop to your “strange” behaviour. They KNOW what you’re like, they KNOW what your strengths and weaknesses are, and they aren’t going to put up with this new direction you want to go. They’re going to correct you and put you back in your place. Soon enough, you’re going to get asked about your attitude problem in the workplace. If you reach this point, you either have to stop your personal growth, or find a new job.

When you genuinely embrace and incorporate change into your personality, most people are going to notice and many are NOT going to like it. Those who took advantage of you before will no longer be able to do so. Those who have been dictating what the right path is for you are going to tell you to smarten up and quit acting so foolish. Genuine personal change is an uphill battle.

I’ve been through all of it. I’ve lost friends, I’ve screwed up my relationship with my parents, I’ve changed jobs, and I have difficulty connecting with others when it comes to everything that is pop culture and morally correct. However, all the change I’ve made in my life has benefited me greatly. It’s made me more patient and less angry. It’s made me intolerant of those who abuse my good nature. It’s also improved the financial areas of my life, and has helped me find much more happiness. It’s also improved my sex life. Having the freedom to choose what I want regardless of what everyone else thinks of me has changed my world for the better. There’s absolutely nothing better than being free from the judgemental opinions of others.

Personal transformation involves transforming your own world. The people we’re forced to keep in it for various purposes (such as relatives) may go from a consistent presence to a mere occasional visit. They don’t like your new backbone, your new choice of religion, or even your new career path. However, some people will commit to the philosophy of “family always sticks together” and merely tolerate your new choices.

Once you begin making genuine improvements to your world, you’ll find that you’re NEVER done changing it. Perhaps you may go through one or two major improvements in your life that totally fuck up everything around you. As you discover, repair, and improve all areas of your world, you’re going to find MORE little things you need to work on along the way. You may have a hidden psychological problem. You may have a routine you need to alter. You may want to take up a new hobby. You may have to eliminate people from your life that keep you in neutral.

Self-improvement never ends, but embracing the change will be the most rewarding thing you do for yourself.


Emotional Fluctuation


Nine years ago, I wrote a post on SoSuave called “The Inner Workings of Women: Emotion”. The post has been recently bumped by newer members. I haven’t read it since I wrote it, so I decided to see what my brain was coming up with back then. Usually when I go back and read my old writings, I think “Damn was I stupid back then”. That’s not the case here. I hit everything dead-on, and I still believe every word I wrote in that post to this day. Do yourself a favour and go read it:

Link Here

Men get their excitement with anything highly positive. Women find excitement with emotional fluctuation.

When you really understand a woman’s needs for emotional fluctuation, her actions begin to make much more sense. Women are masters at things like multitasking, but are dreadfully awful at making decisions on simple things like choosing an item from a restaurant menu. Food generally doesn’t cause women much emotional excitement. That’s why men used to do the woman a favour by taking the lead, and choosing a menu item FOR her. These days it’s considered “impolite” and “presumptuous”. We can thank society for ruining that one, along with a multitude of other things that made relationships much more enjoyable for both sexes.

The amount of emotional fluctuation required to get a woman excited varies. Some women will get excited from just a little bit of teasing, while other women will require full-blown sexual controversy to get their juices flowing. Women who require very little emotional fluctuation are obviously the best choices for a long term relationship. They’re easily satisfied when you throw a little bit of drama their way, and are therefore easy to maintain.

Women who require a LOT of fluctuation are a nightmare if you try to lock them down into a relationship. Sure she’ll be fucking you, but she’ll also flirt with your friends, maintain a circle of male orbiters, fuck another woman’s husband behind your back, and then complain that she can’t find a good man to make her a bride. These women never get their fulfilment of emotional fluctuation, and are always looking to push the envelope a little bit further for the ultimate rush. It’s also not just their romantic relationships that experience turmoil, she will bring this kind of “excitement” to her family, friends, co-workers, and anybody else in her vicinity.

Men are much different when it comes to being happy. They enjoy a steady stream of positive emotion that lasts from a few hours to a few days. However, men make the mistake of trying to impose this type of emotional stability onto their women. Many men will spend money, time and effort trying to keep their women afloat on a steady stream of positive emotion. What inevitably happens is the woman whispers “oh fucking God” under her breath and turns his well-intended actions into something derogatory, mean, or manipulative. It’s not that she doesn’t want to appreciate his efforts to make her happy, it’s that she doesn’t get satisfaction from being consistently happy. Believe it or not, the fact that she’s taking his positive actions as something negative brings her a bit of pleasure. If he’s not going to give her the emotional fluctuation she requires, she’s going to induce it herself to make things more interesting.

A recent post over at Chateau Heartiste (link here) also covered this subject very well, with the exception of one part:

Women have slicker emotional fluidity than men, but their highs aren’t as high nor their lows as low as the passions that men are capable of feeling. Few women will ever feel with the same intensity the exhilarating rush of power that a man feels when he is victorious in struggle.

I disagree with the idea that women cannot experience the same highs and lows as men. In fact, I think women can experience extremes that men generally don’t reach. Women cry when they’re overly happy, cry when they’re overly sad, cry when they’re extremely pissed off. Cry, cry, cry. The only difference is women cannot stand sitting on a consistent flow of one emotion as long as men can. A man riding a flow of emotion can be compared to that of a glider slowly floating back to the ground. A woman experiencing a phase of emotion is more like jumping into the air and landing back on the ground. Hand her a pogo stick and she’ll have fun for hours.

A romantic relationship between a man and a woman requires constant maintenance of individual emotional satisfaction in order for it to be successful. A woman could buy a man a 4×4, and he’ll drive off into the ditch for two days of non-stop fun. The woman requires a bit more variety to reach this level of satisfaction. A man would need to walk into the room and scream “get over here you fucking bitch!” She may initially resist, and he will have to insist with “get over here NOW!” She comes over ready for a fight, and he places his lips forcefully on hers, wrapping his strong arms around her in a bear hug which prevents her from resisting. He then eases up on her lips, caresses her tongue with his, and they go into a sexually passionate kiss. On the way to the bedroom, he whacks her ass as hard as possible, telling her to NEVER resist him again. They proceed to have both passionate and aggressive sex. The woman is now as satisfied as the man who enjoyed two days of 4x4ing.

When a relationship turn sour, two things happen. The man puts more effort into trying to keep her on a steady flow of happiness, and the woman will start more arguments. The relationship drags on until either the man gets sick of never being able to make her 100% happy, or the woman gets sick of being on a constant flow of negative emotion.

A healthy and successful romantic relationship will have the man injecting emotional fluctuation into her life, while the woman will inject positive emotional stability into his. Neither will stray or leave because both are benefiting from each other.

Gay Procreation


I’m going to share an experience I had a couple of years ago. Before this experience, I didn’t give much of a thought to the concept of “gay families”. Since I had no clue how they functioned, I just figured the best thing was to let gay people do whatever the hell they wanted. However, there was a small irritation sitting in the back of my mind when it came to gay couples having children. That small irritation became an out-blown definitive stance on the subject. Here’s my story…

I have a female acquaintance who is the former best friend of an ex of mine. She ended up with a new man (let’s call him Jamie) who she met from an online dating site. The guy had a mohawk, tattoos, piercings, a goatee, but he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. The happy couple invited me over for a barbecue they were having at a friend’s house.

Jamie introduced me to his two daughters who were in attendance. One daughter was with her gay “partner” and had their one year old daughter with them. I do not know the sexual orientation of Jamie’s other daughter, but she was there with no companion.

I ended up chatting with Jamie because I genuinely wanted to get to know this guy a little better. While we were chatting, I had taken notice of how badly scarred his forearms were, and I couldn’t help but ask him what had happened. He told me he used to be very depressed, and did a lot of self-mutilation while previously married, but had since recovered. Okay, good on him for doing his own self-improvement. I respect that.

While we were waiting for food to cook, I missed something that happened in conversation at the table. Jamie ended up pulling his solitary daughter aside, and whispered something in her ear. She ended up screaming “THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!” and ran into the house crying hysterically. I couldn’t help but wonder what he whispered in his daughter’s ear that cause her to immediately burst into tears. To be honest, I wanted this piece of verbal gold, and would love to use this magical emotion-altering statement for my own seduction of women!

I soon found out what he said to his daughter. He eventually came right out and told me that he used to be a woman. He had completed nearly all the surgeries necessary to make him a full-blown man. At that moment, I was truly mind-fucked. I really had to hold back all the questions that came rushing through my head. How did he get facial hair? Does his penis function like a penis? Does he have any pictures of when he was a woman? Could I see them? I held all of that back. The situation at the picnic table had taken on a new light for me.

So what had he told his solitary daughter? “Please do not call me “Mom” in the presence of somebody who doesn’t yet know.” My idea to use a magical statement for stirring up strong emotions in the women who interested me went out the window and crashed into the garbage cans below. Dammit!

Immediately, I tried to place myself into the solitary daughter’s shoes. What the hell do you call this creature who used to be your mother? You can’t call her dad, because you already have a dad. You can’t call her mom because it might scare off the present company. I felt really bad for the poor girl. She’s in this fucked up space where the identity of her birth-giver has been altered. The person who was her ultimate definition of a “woman” is no longer a woman. There are no words to describe how tragic this would be for a daughter.

Now, let’s focus on the other daughter; the one with the partner and baby. They were having a discussion at the table on what they were going to have the granddaughter call her sexually-transformed grandparent. They were pretty convinced on using a word from a different language. I can’t remember what the word meant, nor do I care. All I could think was how fucked up this whole thing was, and how it messed up the entire concept of what a family is.

Over the next few days, I pondered over how crazy this whole situation was. Not only that, I started thinking about how this is NOT an isolated case. There are “family” situations like this all over North America. Then I started thinking about how this would play out if we didn’t have all the science and technology necessary to alter a person’s sex and the ability to impregnate women without a penis.

What would happen in the animal world? How would a gay lion be able to procreate? The obvious answer is that the lion wouldn’t. Nature would deem his genes defective and useless. The lion and his genes would die off. This is called “Natural Selection”. Defective genes are NOT useful and do not get passed down, for it could eventually render an entire species extinct.

So what the fuck are we doing? We’re impregnating gay women so they can pass their genes down to what will become their gay children. How do I know the children will be gay? Because if they don’t get the defective genes passed down which deem them gay, they will become gay solely from their environment’s influence. Even if they don’t turn out gay, their gender role will be royally fucked, deeming them as unattractive to the opposite sex. Gender roles are necessary for attraction to take place which eventually leads to reproduction. If we have no definitive gender roles, we will not feel the desire to procreate. If this happens, our species will eventually die out.

Now let me make myself clear… I have no problems with a person’s sexual orientation. It really doesn’t matter to me what someone does in the privacy of their bedroom. Do whatever turns your crank. I also have no problems with gay couples or even gay marriage (although my view of marriage itself is a separate topic for discussion). Everyone needs to feel wanted and loved, so I’m actually very pro-gay when it comes to gay couples. However, I am NOT in favour of gay reproduction. Nature has deemed you unreproductive for a reason; your specific genes cannot guarantee the survival of humankind.

The way I see it, scientists should be using the technology they’re using to impregnate gay women for impregnating straight women married to men who cannot reproduce. If they aren’t already, they should be screening out the crappy donors and keeping the highest quality donors with good genes. This will make up for all the blank-shooters with crappy genes, and give them good, genetically strong children.

Unfortunately, I’m just yapping on some internet blog who’s concerns for the future of humankind will go unnoticed. Society will continue to create gay babies which prevent the gay adults from getting their feelings hurt. That’s all it really is… Preventing people from being butt-hurt. You can’t have your own baby? Well, quit crying because you can jam this cup of sperm up your kooch!

Since we’re already allowing the genetically defective to procreate, let’s throw some other genetically defective people in the mix to make things interesting. The world is full of people who were both born mentally and physically disabled, so why should we deprive them of being parents? Sure, their diet consists of injecting meal supplements into a tube hanging out of their side, but that shouldn’t stop them from becoming parents! Let’s give them this wonderful privileged of having a “family”.

While we’re at it, let’s give pedophiles the ability to multiply as well. The world could use more parents who find young pre-pubescent boys sexually appealing. Remember, they’re people with feelings too!

Thankfully, I won’t be around to see where humankind is headed. I honestly don’t want to know what it’s going to look like after I die. Gender roles are being eliminated, and we’re intentionally tainting our species with defective genes. If we keep going down our current path, we should be extinct within the next 1000 years or so.

The Manly Way to Break Up With a Woman


I’ve seen both women and “red pill” men talk about the most respectable, masculine way to break up with a woman. Here is the general check list of how a man is SUPPOSED to end a relationship:

– Call / Message her to set up a date to meet with her
– Wait until the specific date occurs (usually up to a week)
– Tell her face to face that you’re no longer interested
– Let her get upset and cry in front of you

Here’s my question… How is putting in the time and effort to waste upwards of a week manly?

It isn’t.

So where did this idea of the “manly” way to break up come from?

Simple, it came from the women who were on the receiving end of the breakup. When a woman gets dumped, she’ll get together with her girlfriends and have a bitch-fest about the guy in question. They’ll point out every single little flaw and degrade his masculinity for the purpose of comforting the broken-hearted woman. Her friends degrade him and give confirmation that she is much better off without him. This includes the method he used to break up with her.

So what would be the masculine way of breaking up with a woman? A man can be defined by his success, so anything that’s quick, efficient, and effective would qualify as masculine. Here’s an example of how to accomplish all of this when breaking up with a woman:

Him texting her: I’m finding that we aren’t compatible, and think that we should go our separate ways. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Goodbye.

Her texting him: (irrelevant because they are no longer together)

Him: (Ignores text)

How long did that take? I’d say two minutes maximum, minus waiting for the text message from her which should be ignored. Why should he ignore her? Because there is no reason to hammer away at reasons, failings, problems and anything else once the relationship is dead. Nothing is going to get fixed or repaired, nor will any of this result in the couple returning to their mission of living happily ever after.

Need another good reason to execute a quick and effective breakup? It shouldn’t matter what she thinks of you after you end it. She is no longer relevant in your life, so her opinion of your chosen method of break up is irrelevant. If your method is quick and effective, then that’s all you need in order to move on to your next prospect.

Here’s a third reason which I’ve experienced personally… None of your shit gets wrecked. I made the mistake of breaking up with a woman face-to-face in my house, and she proceeded to destroy my living room. After an experience like that, I decided that the “manly” way to break up with a woman is perhaps the WORST method in getting the job done. There’s no reason to have my personal possessions destroyed simply because I’m being honest and setting her free to find someone who may cherish her just the way she is (no matter how crazy and emotionally unstable she may be).

Breaking up with her in a public location isn’t going to make it any better. Some women enjoy creating a scene in public in order to get attention from the bystanders. While she’s creating a scene, you may get approached by white nights who see it as their mission to slay any man who hurts a woman’s feelings. You are also not immune to her smashing the shit out of your car in the parking lot. Most women will NOT travel any significant distance to destroy your property, so breaking up with her using alternate means of communication makes sense.

Protect yourself, protect your assets, use your time wisely, and always have the goal to progress in your journeys through life. THAT is how a man should conduct his life. THAT is the manly way to do anything.

Valentine’s Day: Do’s and Dont’s

Barney - Be My Valentine, Love Barney

So I figured I should write something about Valentine’s Day which is fast approaching. I’m sure you have lots of questions such as:

– What kind of chocolates should I buy?
– How many roses should I get her?
– What kind of Lingerie will she like?
– Should I propose?
– Should I get her jewellery?

First, I must ask you why the fuck did you wait until Valentine’s day to do this stuff for her? If you’ve been with your woman for a lengthy amount of time, you should be doing stuff like this on SOME OTHER DAY. However, if you haven’t been seeing her for very long (less than a year), you shouldn’t be doing any of this shit for her.

When Valentine’s day approaches, I’m usually the first to bring it up. I tell her that I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, due to it being a reason for big business to cash in. After I’ve said this to her, she is NOT to expect a romantic gift from me because I will not buy one.

However, Valentine’s day still has a special place in a woman’s mind. She will want to do something for you. She’s probably going to buy or make something even though you’ve told her that you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Even if you tell her you don’t celebrate it, you still have to honour it. You MUST spend some time with her on that day.

When you’re spending Valentine’s day with her, do NOT do the typical Valentine’s day stuff. Remember, you’re a “special” guy, not a “typical” guy. Typical guys will buy her chocolate, lingerie, or propose to her. The best thing you can do with your woman is an activity. If she likes baking, do that with her. If she enjoys board games, do that. You have to make her feel like she’s appreciated, but you don’t need store bought crap to accomplish it.

Women can appreciate a simple Valentine’s day plan.

Now, allow me to touch upon some of the more “traditional” things that go along with this corporate holiday…

If you actually choose to celebrate Valentine’s day, a tasteful card is perfectly fine. A home-made card is much better.

Chocolate will make her fat. Unless it’s a treat after something important like an anniversary dinner, don’t buy her any.

Flowers are best given when they’re surprises. If you jump out of a car at a red light, pick one, and hop back into the car and give it to her, you’ve done well. If you give her one after a night of passionate love making, you done well too. Hell, just showing up one day with a flower for her is good. HOWEVER, this should be done rarely. Women love flowers, but they don’t like being buried in them.

Are you dating a six year old??? No??? Then she doesn’t need a teddy bear.

This is mainly her job. She needs to buy it. You are permitted to go shopping with her to offer suggestions.

This stuff is generally expensive. You should only get her jewellery when she’s proven herself to be a valuable woman. If you’ve been with her for 10 years, that’s an accomplishment. If you’ve been with her for 25, you SHOULD get her something. Women who stick by you are valuable, so there’s nothing wrong with giving her something valuable to wear. You should also NEVER give a woman jewellery because you’re WANTING to keep her. She should be earning it.

Since I’m not of the opinion that marriage is useful, necessary, or valuable in today’s society, I certainly won’t suggest that you should get married. However, if you by some chance THINK marriage still holds value in these days of high divorce rates, then propose to her on some other day. If she says no or the marriage doesn’t work out, you’re not going to be a bitter asshole who fucks up Valentine’s day for all the women you date afterwards.

To summarize, there is no point in going over the top for Valentine’s day. If you have a good woman, she’ll appreciate just spending time with you on Valentine’s day. Leave the chocolates in the stores for the old grannies to buy at 50% off on February 15th.