Interested or Not

I’ve been away, mainly because I have better things to do in life than write blog entries (things like keeping SoSuave free from rubbish). After 7 months of intentionally remaining single, I’ve begun taking women out on dates again. After taking such an extended break whether it be intentional or due to a relationship, a man realizes something when he gets back out into the field…. He’s rusty at interacting with new women.

When I’m in my best form, I can easily ace the first date and stretch things out for a minimum of a month and a half. At this particular moment, I’m not in my best form. I’ve flunked out with my last few interactions with women, so I’ve been excessively analyzing what I’ve been doing and where my problem(s) may be. However, quitting is NOT an option. The more I interact with and date women, the easier and more successful I become. It’s a lot like playing an instrument. If you put it down after an extended period of time and then try to play like a pro again, it’s not going to happen. You can only get back to your previous level if you’re persistent in practicing.

However, the last 7 months haven’t exactly been pussy-free. I ended up fucking the persistent 21 year old again. She was pushing for another interaction, so I took advantage of it. Then a couple of nights ago, she decided to come over and “talk”.

Her: I don’t want to just be your booty call
Me: Okay, we won’t do that stuff anymore
Her: (sits silently for five minutes while I enjoy my glass of water)

She then proceeded to grab her stuff and leave. It seems that she sincerely believed that she had power and appeal with her vagina, and would be able to rope me into a relationship to save my penis from becoming excessively dry. It didn’t work. Long ago, I learned that I should NEVER allow women to take advantage of me with their sex appeal. The 21 year old’s Facebook is currently filled with memes such as this:


Note that she hasn’t unfriended me nor blocked me.

It’s very possible that the 21 year old will come back for another round, since this isn’t the first time I’ve turned down a relationship with her. I’m also at the top of her high score list, so I have the ability to take her back at some point in the future if I wish to do so.

But that’s not what I came here to write about. But before I get to the main subject of this entry, allow me to become a bit sidetracked with another subject.

On Sosuave, the member Tenacity has recently been proclaiming that the only uses of women today are companionship and sex (link here). The more I interact with women, the more I study their behaviour, the more I see how they neglect and degrade themselves, the more I believe Tenacity is correct. It’s not a reason to hate women. They’re just products of the society we are currently living in. The function of today’s society has caused women to become valueless to men. Back in the good old days, women served many functions: To keep the house in order, to raise the children, and to prepare meals for the family. (The man’s job was to provide money for food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities for the woman to perform her functions) Men and women today are conditioned to provide all of these for themselves. One does not require the other to survive. Today, the only purpose of men is to be sperm donors, and the women to be incubators. Other than that, there is no value in either sex.

So that’s my “don’t hate women” prefix.

For the purpose of companionship and sex, looks aren’t excessively relevant. Why should I be picky when the value of women is low regardless of their appearance? Why not fuck as many as possible and treat them equally as valueless women?

Last week, I went on a date with a woman named Melanie who wasn’t excessively hot, but not homely enough to make my dick turn into a mushroom. I flunked out on this date, but her interest wasn’t exactly clear. Another thing I’ve learned is that there can be a thin line between a woman who isn’t glued to her cell phone, and a woman who’s not interested. I needed to get this simple line made clear before I came to a conclusion about her. So I asked her out on another date…


The time lapse is atrocious. 29 hours since I’d last heard from her. This is NOT the behaviour of a woman who’s looking forward to her next date. Since the content of her text message is irrelevant, I haven’t responded and I don’t plan on doing so. One should ALWAYS pay attention to the woman’s actions as opposed to her words.

However, this is not the only option on my plate…

I met this next girl on an outing with a group of friends a couple of months back. I did some basic flirting with her, and she asked to add me to her Facebook. She’s MUCH more attractive than Melanie.

One thing I’ve realized is that over the years, my success with more attractive women has increased while my success with less attractive women has decreased. This may have come into play with regards to Melanie. I’m not quite sure of the reason for this since women are generally attracted to the same things in men. Perhaps it has to do with her own self-perception and the feeling she’s not “good enough” for such a high quality man. I don’t know.

Just as a side note, this next woman is a single mother. Single moms can be a huge pain in the ass to deal with. The ones who have their kids full time are usually better quality, but getting alone time with them is difficult. The ones who have their kids part time are full-blown party sluts when their child is away. This particular one has her daughter full time.

I decided to attempt pursuing her and sent her a message. She was going to the circus with her daughter, so I teased her about not inviting me. I told her that she owes me, and that I’d choose an activity that she could invite me to. This may sound backwards, but the rule-of-thumb here is NEVER leave a woman to initiate or plan an event. It won’t happen 95% of the time.


As you can see from the messages and the “reminder” she sent, she’s excited. We shall see how this one pans out.

Right now, I’m at a particular point where I just want to start dating again. The exact quality of the woman isn’t really important at this point. What’s important is that I clean off the rust that’s collected over the past few months and get myself back to my full shine. It will happen. It always does.


The Manly Way to Break Up With a Woman


I’ve seen both women and “red pill” men talk about the most respectable, masculine way to break up with a woman. Here is the general check list of how a man is SUPPOSED to end a relationship:

– Call / Message her to set up a date to meet with her
– Wait until the specific date occurs (usually up to a week)
– Tell her face to face that you’re no longer interested
– Let her get upset and cry in front of you

Here’s my question… How is putting in the time and effort to waste upwards of a week manly?

It isn’t.

So where did this idea of the “manly” way to break up come from?

Simple, it came from the women who were on the receiving end of the breakup. When a woman gets dumped, she’ll get together with her girlfriends and have a bitch-fest about the guy in question. They’ll point out every single little flaw and degrade his masculinity for the purpose of comforting the broken-hearted woman. Her friends degrade him and give confirmation that she is much better off without him. This includes the method he used to break up with her.

So what would be the masculine way of breaking up with a woman? A man can be defined by his success, so anything that’s quick, efficient, and effective would qualify as masculine. Here’s an example of how to accomplish all of this when breaking up with a woman:

Him texting her: I’m finding that we aren’t compatible, and think that we should go our separate ways. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Goodbye.

Her texting him: (irrelevant because they are no longer together)

Him: (Ignores text)

How long did that take? I’d say two minutes maximum, minus waiting for the text message from her which should be ignored. Why should he ignore her? Because there is no reason to hammer away at reasons, failings, problems and anything else once the relationship is dead. Nothing is going to get fixed or repaired, nor will any of this result in the couple returning to their mission of living happily ever after.

Need another good reason to execute a quick and effective breakup? It shouldn’t matter what she thinks of you after you end it. She is no longer relevant in your life, so her opinion of your chosen method of break up is irrelevant. If your method is quick and effective, then that’s all you need in order to move on to your next prospect.

Here’s a third reason which I’ve experienced personally… None of your shit gets wrecked. I made the mistake of breaking up with a woman face-to-face in my house, and she proceeded to destroy my living room. After an experience like that, I decided that the “manly” way to break up with a woman is perhaps the WORST method in getting the job done. There’s no reason to have my personal possessions destroyed simply because I’m being honest and setting her free to find someone who may cherish her just the way she is (no matter how crazy and emotionally unstable she may be).

Breaking up with her in a public location isn’t going to make it any better. Some women enjoy creating a scene in public in order to get attention from the bystanders. While she’s creating a scene, you may get approached by white nights who see it as their mission to slay any man who hurts a woman’s feelings. You are also not immune to her smashing the shit out of your car in the parking lot. Most women will NOT travel any significant distance to destroy your property, so breaking up with her using alternate means of communication makes sense.

Protect yourself, protect your assets, use your time wisely, and always have the goal to progress in your journeys through life. THAT is how a man should conduct his life. THAT is the manly way to do anything.

Valentine’s Day: Do’s and Dont’s

Barney - Be My Valentine, Love Barney

So I figured I should write something about Valentine’s Day which is fast approaching. I’m sure you have lots of questions such as:

– What kind of chocolates should I buy?
– How many roses should I get her?
– What kind of Lingerie will she like?
– Should I propose?
– Should I get her jewellery?

First, I must ask you why the fuck did you wait until Valentine’s day to do this stuff for her? If you’ve been with your woman for a lengthy amount of time, you should be doing stuff like this on SOME OTHER DAY. However, if you haven’t been seeing her for very long (less than a year), you shouldn’t be doing any of this shit for her.

When Valentine’s day approaches, I’m usually the first to bring it up. I tell her that I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, due to it being a reason for big business to cash in. After I’ve said this to her, she is NOT to expect a romantic gift from me because I will not buy one.

However, Valentine’s day still has a special place in a woman’s mind. She will want to do something for you. She’s probably going to buy or make something even though you’ve told her that you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Even if you tell her you don’t celebrate it, you still have to honour it. You MUST spend some time with her on that day.

When you’re spending Valentine’s day with her, do NOT do the typical Valentine’s day stuff. Remember, you’re a “special” guy, not a “typical” guy. Typical guys will buy her chocolate, lingerie, or propose to her. The best thing you can do with your woman is an activity. If she likes baking, do that with her. If she enjoys board games, do that. You have to make her feel like she’s appreciated, but you don’t need store bought crap to accomplish it.

Women can appreciate a simple Valentine’s day plan.

Now, allow me to touch upon some of the more “traditional” things that go along with this corporate holiday…

If you actually choose to celebrate Valentine’s day, a tasteful card is perfectly fine. A home-made card is much better.

Chocolate will make her fat. Unless it’s a treat after something important like an anniversary dinner, don’t buy her any.

Flowers are best given when they’re surprises. If you jump out of a car at a red light, pick one, and hop back into the car and give it to her, you’ve done well. If you give her one after a night of passionate love making, you done well too. Hell, just showing up one day with a flower for her is good. HOWEVER, this should be done rarely. Women love flowers, but they don’t like being buried in them.

Are you dating a six year old??? No??? Then she doesn’t need a teddy bear.

This is mainly her job. She needs to buy it. You are permitted to go shopping with her to offer suggestions.

This stuff is generally expensive. You should only get her jewellery when she’s proven herself to be a valuable woman. If you’ve been with her for 10 years, that’s an accomplishment. If you’ve been with her for 25, you SHOULD get her something. Women who stick by you are valuable, so there’s nothing wrong with giving her something valuable to wear. You should also NEVER give a woman jewellery because you’re WANTING to keep her. She should be earning it.

Since I’m not of the opinion that marriage is useful, necessary, or valuable in today’s society, I certainly won’t suggest that you should get married. However, if you by some chance THINK marriage still holds value in these days of high divorce rates, then propose to her on some other day. If she says no or the marriage doesn’t work out, you’re not going to be a bitter asshole who fucks up Valentine’s day for all the women you date afterwards.

To summarize, there is no point in going over the top for Valentine’s day. If you have a good woman, she’ll appreciate just spending time with you on Valentine’s day. Leave the chocolates in the stores for the old grannies to buy at 50% off on February 15th.

Thoughts on Attraction

I’ve been on a break from dating for the past three months or so. This has been an entirely self-imposed break for three reasons. First, I’ve spent the last year being involved with two women who turned out to be unsuitable for relationships. Hey, sometimes it takes six months for the red flags to come out, but when they do, it’s time to move on.

Second, I will force myself to take a break from dating when I find myself getting angry with the quality of women in general. I don’t want to become a woman-hater. Sometimes I just need to re-focus on why today’s women are the way they are, and it also gives me a chance to let my frustrations exit my system.

Third, there really hasn’t been any viable options coming my way. The holidays are an interesting time for relationships and such. Usually, just before the holidays, the women who are involved with somebody choose to remain involved until shortly before Christmas, or shortly after. Most of the general population has bought into the idea that being alone for the holidays is a dreadful situation that should be avoided at all costs, even if it means temporarily settling for someone you don’t like. From looking at all the women recently joining “Plenty of Fish”, relationships have started terminating. New prospects will be showing up in my life soon.

But I digress. I never seem to have a complete absence of women in my life. The ones I’m not very attracted to linger and sometimes persist. I’m not one to kick a woman out of my life solely because she’s physically unappealing. I keep them around because women are attracted to what other women like. Women will criticize other women when they’re jealous. So I let them and even encourage them to be jealous.

There’s a 21 year old who’s been hovering over me for the past 9 months. It’s become obvious that I’m at the top of her high score list. I considered her to be just a friend…. until she came over on Christmas day with alcohol, got me drunk, and tried to fuck me. Yes, men get taken advantage of, but it’s the exception to the rule. Most average men would kill to have some chick do that to them. The men who are the most desirable are the ones who are most likely to become rape victims.

The average man tries to buy women’s attention with free drinks, flowers, and whatever romantic stuff they can think of. Do you know what I did to this 21 year old? Nothing. I hung out with her, never made a move, never bought her anything, and she attempts to rape me.

Due to the fact that none of my real-life acquaintances read this blog, I’m free to post some mildly personal things. Here’s a text exchange between me and the 21 year old:



She “can’t do this anymore”, so I kindly tell her I’m not interested; much similar to the way a woman would break the news to a guy. You think she would understand the universal language of women and say “Okay, well maybe I should leave him alone and pursue other guys.” Instead, she asks if I wanna go record shopping with her.

Her “I can’t do this anymore” has been thrown into the trash can and is sitting nicely with her used tampons.

Desdinova’s Law #1: Never burn bridges with a woman who has placed you in one of the top positions on her high score list. She may one day become a useful asset, and you want to retain the ability to pull her back into your life.

Desdinova’s Law #2: Always be prepared to walk away from a woman. This puts you in the position of power and control when it comes to all aspects of the relationship, and it keeps you in charge of your own destiny. (Side note: having a female companion should NEVER be your destiny)

This next screenshot was sent to me by a woman I recently met. I have no desire to date her because she’s 39 and is in the process of expiry, but I added her to my Facebook nonetheless. (Perhaps I’ll eventually write about how fantastic Facebook is for getting your women’s emotions fluctuating.)

The 39 year old is mutual friends with Rachel, a woman I dated and banged four years ago. I ended things with her after two months. However, you should never underestimate the magic of giving a woman an orgasm. Here’s the screenshot:


Now just think about what’s happened here. These two women are talking about how fantastic I am. Then, the one who hasn’t had sex with me thinks it’s a brilliant idea to send this screenshot to me.


Because she’s curious and wants to know if I’m attracted to her. She claimed that she was sending me the screenshot to “cover her ass”. Yeah right. She sent it to me because she wanted to indirectly ask me if I’m interested in her.

So how should I answer her indirect question????

Easy. I don’t.

Giving women the answers they want and when they want takes away the curiosity, the fantasizing, and the emotional fluctuation. If I intended on responding to this indirect question, I would do so by inviting her to join me in a fun activity. I would also give her the impression that I’d be doing the activity regardless of her presence, but invite her along for the company. During the activity, I would initiate some non-sexual touching (kino) such as a pat on the shoulder or some other passive gesture that could be misinterpreted. This will lead to more and more questions bouncing around in her brain.

To raise a woman’s interest, you need to constantly be getting her to ask herself more questions. “Does he like me? Did he invite me because he likes me? Was that touch a sign of interest?” You need to get her mind racing. If she wants to try communicating sub-consciously, she will either respond to your subtle actions with her own, or she will initiate subtle actions to test your interest.

My philosophy when it comes to women is to get as many attracted to you as possible, regardless of age or physical appearance.

Desdinova’s Law #3: Attraction is contagious.

The most work occurs when you try to attract the first woman. After you’ve managed that, you may show other women that you already have one who is attracted to you. The other women will wonder what kind of value you have and become interested. The more women you attract, the more curious other women become. Curiosity in a woman’s mind gives birth to fantasy. This evolution causes the side effect of emotional fluctuation which stimulates the woman. The source of this curiosity, fantasy, emotional fluctuation and stimulation becomes attractive to the woman. This domino attraction effect gives the man the benefit of being able to choose the woman he wants. Even after he has chosen one, the other women remain interested and may even wait on the sidelines for the relationship to go sour so they can have their turn.

Many people claim that it’s the woman who chooses the male. I believe it can go both ways because I’ve experienced it personally. Creating the ability to have choice is the most effective and efficient way to sort the rocks from the jewels.