Getting Back The Man You Love


Here’s one for the ladies!

In my last post, I gave an example of what a low quality woman looks like. Now, I’m going to go into detail on the things a woman needs to do to become high quality. Yes, I’m going to piss off the female readership (don’t worry, I’ll be picking on the guys in the next entry). I’m also going to be tying my high score theory into this post. If you missed it, you can read a bit about it here. In short, it’s my theory that women in their mid-20s (or older) have already met their soulmate, and unless they get him back, there is a high probability that they will lead a lonely, unfulfilling life.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. I’m not a woman, therefore I’m not going to be babbling on about a bunch of quick fixes that you can do to win back the man of your dreams. I’m going to be laying out some 100% no-bullshit things you NEED to accomplish to get your soulmate back. If you genuinely want him back, you’ll have to put genuine effort into making it happen.

The first step in our mission is finding out the circumstances of when and how you broke up. We’ll cover the “why” a little bit later.

How Long Were You Together?

If you were with the guy for an insignificant amount of time, say less than 8 months, then it’s not very likely that you’re going to win him back. You just didn’t have enough time to make a good impression on him and he’s likely moved on and forgotten about you. If this is the case, then you may as well quit reading this article now.

For those who were with the man of their desires for 8 months or more, keep reading.

Who Ended The Relationship?

If HE was the one who ended the relationship, then there’s probably something he didn’t like about you. Women need to compete against other women to keep their man interested, especially if the duration of the relationship hasn’t endured for two years or more. When it has lasted longer than two years, then there’s some significant investment and “comfort”. The decision to start over from scratch after two years is not one to be taken lightly.

If he was the one who ended the relationship, then you’re going to have to make some drastic improvements upon yourself, but the likeliness of you getting him back is going to be significantly lower than that for a woman who ended the relationship. I encourage you to keep reading and take the advice, but don’t get your hopes up on getting “the one” back. On the plus side, you will end up in a much better position to get a NEW, high-quality man. (This also applies to the under-8-months group, for those who are still reading.)

Now if YOU were the one who ended the relationship, I’m going to tell you exactly what you did. You broke his heart, you fucking bitch. And now you want him back? Time to work your ass off to recover from your mistake.

The biggest lesson you’re going to learn here is NEVER let go of a high quality man. There aren’t very many out there to be had.

Soulmates, The One, etc

I want to cover this topic a bit before we continue. If you’re reading this, then you probably consider the man in question to be the right one for you. He’s not perfect, but he’s better than all the other crap you’ve been putting up with. Am I not right?

This guy is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of your life. If you don’t end up with him and instead settle for someone who’s sorta good enough, you’re still going to think about this guy long after you’ve married, had kids, and grown old… and that’s even if you get to that point. There’s a good chance you’re going to wander around, lost, and constantly looking for a replacement for your soulmate for years upon years. You will never find him. Trying to re-kindle an old flame is much more preferable than being alone for the rest of your life, is it not? Then you’ve made a wise choice by considering getting him back.

Here’s something you need to know… Men don’t have soulmates that they obsess over. Men are most interested in the women who are in their current time and vicinity. You are currently not there, so he’s not thinking about you. You have to put yourself in his current time and vicinity to get his interest back. More on that in a bit…

His Opinion of You

Whether you like it or not, the thought of you or even being in his vicinity will raise a red flag for him. You ended the relationship. You fucked it all up. You flushed it all down the toilet. Now you need to make up for it. You need to get HIM to burn that red flag, and it’s going to take a long time. So be prepared for him to be resistant to your advances. Even if you DO end up back with him, that red flag is still going to be there. It’s your job to get him to set it on fire. More on that later too…

What He Liked About You

Think back to the time the two of you met. Think about how he looked at you, how he touched you, how he smiled at you. Wasn’t that just the best? Of course it was. You miss that, don’t you? You were able to conjure up a lot of interest in him, just from the way you were at that point. So now, we need to focus on what you had going for you.

This one’s a write-off. You can’t get this one back. Sorry. You’ll have to make up for it in other ways.

Think about how much you weighed when you met him. Were you a bit overweight? He didn’t fucking care. He liked the way you looked. If you had a little plumpness to your ass, he liked that too.

How much more do you weight now? Well, you need to lose it. You need to at LEAST get back to the size you were when he met you. Men are highly stimulated by physical appearance, so this is your number one priority. Your main goal is to get back to the weight you were when he met you. You get bonus points if you surpass it and get into BETTER shape. (Side note: there are a few women out there who look better with a bit of extra weight on them. They’re in the minority, but they DO exist.)

Losing weight is not difficult once you figure out what works for you. Here’s a mini-guideline:

How to eat: Eating less will help you shed the weight. Eating less when you’re not using much energy will help you succeed. If you have a sit down job, you SHOULD eat less. Take green vegetables with you to eat at work. A thick vegetable juice (such as tomato juice) will help relieve hunger.

Foods to eliminate or avoid: Bread (especially white), Potatoes, White Rice, Junk Food

Exercise: 10-20 minutes cardio, minimum every two days.

Yes, this is how simple it really is! Really! I went from being a fat fuck to being thin & sexy just by following the above tips.

Other stuff: Once your body adapts to eating less, the hunger will bother you much less. When you feel hunger coming on, eat a small healthy snack. You will wean your body off the need to having a full stomach all the time.

If this is your first time losing weight, you’ll need to experiment with what works. Give yourself a week to try something. If it doesn’t work, you need to change things up a bit. Keep doing this week by week until you find something that works. Shedding weight quickly is NOT a sign that you will gain it back quickly. You only gain it back if you go back to your old habits. In other words, continue to avoid the bad foods listed above to maintain your weight.

The most important part of all is you need to PERSIST. Use the scale to measure your success instead of using it to focus on where you’re stuck. The scale will tell you when you’re on the right track.

Now, if you’re one of the ones who’s already decided to get yourself into shape, chances are you look better than you did when you met Mr. Right. Good for you! You get the gold Desdinova Superstar of approval.

I understand that clothing fashions evolve over time, so I don’t expect you to be wearing the styles back when you met him. However, you can enhance your appearance with what you choose to wear. This is where you can make up for your age. Choose something a bit on the youthful side, and something feminine. Wear things that are colourful as opposed to wearing all black. You can enhance all of this with a sweet-smelling perfume. Men absolutely LOVE feminine things, but they don’t want to wear these things themselves. They want their women to be their feminine thing. What you want to give him is a piece of cute candy.

Examples of cute candy:


(In searching for these images, I realized that Asian women have a much better sense of style than North American women)

As for makeup and hair colour, whatever you were doing at the time you were with him will work just fine (unless it was extremely over-the-top)

Note: It is important that you focus on clothing AFTER you lose weight.

Did you seriously have to fucking get a tattoo? Getting tattoos are as permanent and as degrading as your ever-increasing age. You want to MAINTAIN your attractiveness, not sabotage it. If you have the opportunity and money to get your tattoo removed, then I highly suggest you do that. Scars are mildly better than tattoos. Scars are evidence of lessons learned.

If removing the tattoo isn’t an option, you’re just going to have to hope that he doesn’t find it disgustingly ugly and unfeminine. I personally find ALL tattoos on women disgusting and unfeminine.

High quality men like their women to be clean from money-eating, odour-inducing, personality-altering habits. If you had some of the following habits at the time you met him, then eliminating them will make you BETTER than when you initially met him.

Alcohol: Having the occasional social drink is passable. Avoiding alcohol altogether is preferable. If you drink daily, weekly, or spend a significant amount of time intoxicated, you should be contacting your nearest AlAnon group. They will help you quit drinking. Once you’re clean, you’ve taken on an improvement.

Smoking: Expensive, stinky, and annoying. You can’t do a continuous activity with your soulmate because you need to stop every 30 minutes for a damn cigarette. My recommendation is to get the book Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. If you take it seriously, it works. I speak as a successful ex-smoker.

Drugs: This has the same negative aspects as smoking and alcohol combined. Remember, nicotine and alcohol can be very addictive drugs. And no, this isn’t an “all drugs except weed” category. Get rid of the weed too. It costs money, it’s illegal, and it alters the natural, beautiful personality you have.

You need to dump all your male friends. No matter what you’ve been told, male friends don’t carry less drama. They actually CREATE more drama, especially when you’re in a relationship. Your soulmate doesn’t need to deal with other men who want to fuck you (and yes, ALL those male friends want to fuck you). Your man’s job is to protect you as his investment. If you make yourself as an unvaluable investment by lacing it with unnecessary obstacles such as male friends, he’s going to deem you as a pain in the ass. So cut contact with ALL your male friends.

As for your female friends, get rid of the bad influences. If you have drinking buddies, stoner buddies, and bar stars as friends, then you need to cut them out of your life. If your female friends are the ones who pushed you to break up with your soulmate, then they aren’t looking out for your true happiness and best interests. Your soulmate isn’t supposed to be perfect, he’s supposed to stimulate your imagination, fantasy, and emotions. Your girlfriends shouldn’t be getting in the way of that.

Remember how sweet and nice you were when you met him? Do that. If you decided that you’re going to become a tough biker bitch who won’t take shit from men, then you’re an unattractive feminist. Give up on the feminism because men don’t find it attractive. Embrace your natural feminine attributes and desires. That’s how nature created you, and that’s what nature intended for men to find attractive.

Now that you’re done improving yourself to the point where he’s going to find you as attractive as the day he met you, it’s time to track that fucker down…

This is the easiest way to find him. Message him, add him, whatever. If he’s blocked you by some chance, then create a new account. If he has his stuff displayed publicly, then don’t add him but watch for opportunities to go out and meet him in a public place. If his stuff isn’t public, make your account fake and add him so you can monitor what he posts.

His old hangouts:
Go to them, ask around, or become a regular. He’s likely to show up.

His hobbies:
Go to the places where you’d likely be able to find him based on his interests. You may eventually run into him.

If you DO encounter him in public, approach him. Remember, you need to be in his current time and vicinity. Chat with him and compliment him. Do a number exchange when he’s done. (Don’t rely on him to initiate contact ESPECIALLY if you’re the one who ended the relationship.)

If He’s Married:
This does not mean he’s no longer your soulmate. Remember, a man is only interested in the women in his current time and vicinity. Also, remember that divorce statistics dictate a 50/50 chance of the marriage not working out. You may enter his vicinity, but don’t expect immediate results. Keep in contact, but keep it to a minimum.

If he happens to decide to divorce his wife, that’s when he’s going to need support. That’s when you show him your dedication. You’ve never forgotten about him, so now’s the time to show him that. Work at keeping his spirits up, help him raise money to get the divorce done, and he’ll soon be back to the guy you fell in love with. Divorce is just a temporary pothole in life and he’s going to be a bit miserable during this time, but his natural personality will exist forever. He will pull through it and eventually get back to being the confident, funny, interesting man you remember, and he’ll recover faster with a bit of help and support from you. Your dedication to him during this time will shine.

Your Responsibility

This is important. This is where you have to accept the fact that you’ve unconsciously chosen him for the rest of your life. He hasn’t left your mind since the day you met him. He is YOUR soulmate. He always will be. If you want to keep him, you have to exclusively give yourself to him. You need to be willing to contribute toward the relationship. Remember how he confidently stood by you through all the bullshit you went through? Every once in a while he’s going to need that from you, and YOU need to reliably be there. You can’t just ditch him and fuck off when things aren’t going well in his life. He NEEDS your support during those times. He NEEDS your dedication.

Sticking by him through thick and thin will convince him to burn the red flag you’ve previously left him with. You need to be there for years, decades, and a very large fraction of a century. You need to be reliable. You need to be dependable. But you also need to take care of yourself to avoid him losing interest in you.

You need to make him your soulmate by being as feminine, reliable, and trustworthy as you can possibly be. If you can do this, he will naturally respond with his commitment to you.

And now for a few questions!


Q: Why the fuck should I change? He should accept me for who I am!
A: First of all, if you make yourself into something that is naturally unattractive to men, then you’re going to wind up lonely regardless of which man you pursue. There are lots of women out there who are more in-tune with their femininity and will win over any man you decide to compete for.

Second, this is the ONE man you’re meant to be with. Nature and circumstance brought you together, your natural instincts chose him as your life-long soul mate, and the Universe is going to throw him in your face every so often to remind you that you lost out on a good man. This will continue for the rest of your life.

Q: I love my bestie! Sure she has some bad habits, but who doesn’t? I’m not getting rid of her!
A: Under normal circumstances, I would agree. Friendships are more important than the people you date. However, you only get ONE or maybe TWO soul mates. How many guys have you kissed? How many have you dated? Yet, NONE of them compare to that one guy. Also, you’ll need to dump the habits that you and your bestie indulge in together. If you want to keep your soul mate, you need to grow the fuck up. You cannot grow if you’ve got someone anchoring you to immaturity and stupidity.

Q: My tattoos are how I express myself, and that’s just how it is.
A: Your tattoos go against nature’s way of attracting a man to you. Tattoos on a woman are nothing more than artistic deformations and scars. Take away the design and colour, and all you have left are deformations and scars. No high quality man wants a disfigured woman.

Q: I love my curves! My soul mate shouldn’t be so narrow-minded that he can’t look past them.
A: You do not love your curves. You’re making excuses for being fat. You’re making excuses for being too lazy to lose the fat. Men are naturally attracted to women who are in decent shape. Your soul mate is no exception. You need to look your best to compete with the other women in his immediate vicinity.

Q: My guy friends don’t want to fuck me. They know where they stand.
A: Wrong. ALL your guy friends want to fuck you. Get rid of them. All of them combined are no match for your soul mate.

Thank your for your time. Now get out there, make yourself a better person, and re-capture his interest!


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